Help! My Furniture Won’t Fit Through the Door

doorwayNothing ruins a moving day faster than standing outside your new house in the rain while your furniture gets wet, because it will not fit through the door. What is even better is standing on a busy downtown sidewalk because it will not even get through the main door to get up to your loft. Do not assume that just because something fits through the door of your current home that there will be no problem at your future home.

Measure Ahead of Time

Obviously, the easiest way to avoid being in this undesirable situation is to measure ahead of time. It is a simple task yet many people neglect to do it. Keep in mind that you also need to measure hallways, elevators, and stairways, especially those with railings. This will tell you ahead of time if you need to sell those larger pieces. You may also want to just donate them and take the tax write off.

Try Different Angles

If you know a piece should fit based on measurements that you took, then maybe you just need to try maneuvering it through the door at a different angle. It is a soft couch or chair that can squeeze through, be careful not to rip the fabric on the door. Some pieces may need to be slowly fit through on an angle. Watch your fingers and take your time. If you rush you could end up with a long scratch in that wood coffee table from the door jam. Read More

Organizational Tips for Moving

get_organizedThere is nothing worse than feeling like you have lost control of your move. You could get in a situation where you run out of time or the movers doubled-booked you. Alternately, you could get to the new place and not remember which box had the toilet paper or how to put your entertainment center back together. Organizational tips will prove to be the most appreciated moving advice you get!

Be Choosy About Moving Services

When you pick a trusted mover that you feel confident in, not only will you have peace-of-mind going into moving day, the process will likely be much smoother. Avoid the temptation to simply choose the best price. To ensure you choose a reputable mover you need to do your homework, request a quote, and make sure they are license and insured.

Use a Clever Labeling System

A labeling system that works for one person might not be your best option, but you do need some sort of system, if you are going to stay organized. Some use a permanent market and write the name of the room on the box. If you do this, make sure you write it on at least two sides and the top. Others prefer to use colored stickers with one color dedicated solely to one room. You may decide packing labels are your best option. Read More

How to Protect Your Flooring During a Move

floorIf there is one day out of the month that it is going to rain and create a muddy mess it will be your moving day. Alternately, if it is the middle of winter and your move happens to be scheduled on that one fluke mild day you have been looking forward to then you also have to keep in mind that snow will be melting and slush will be tracked in. You naturally want to protect the flooring and carpeting in your new place, but you also need to protect it in your old place, too, especially if you are hoping to get your security deposit back. It is also important to keep in mind that wet shoes will make kitchen tile and hardwood floors very slippery, which could lead to injury. Below is helpful moving advice you will be able to put to good use on moving day.

Start with Doormats

Any doors that movers are traveling in and out of should have a doormat on the outside that will catch a large percentage of the snow and dirt as they walk through. Only mats designed for the outdoors should be used because they are designed to dry quickly. If you put an indoor mat there it will only absorb water for a short time before you are essentially walking on drenched material. Materials to avoid include bamboo, woven cloth, and carpet topped with rubber backing. Read More

Bad Moving Experience? File a Complaint!

complaintIf you had an awful moving experience, you may be just thinking that all you want to do is forget about it. Well, putting it behind you will not make it right. Plus, the steps you take could protect other people after you from having the same awful experience. Whether you had an irreplaceable heirloom go missing or if you dealt with the rudest mover you have ever encountered, you should make your experience known.

U.S. Department of Transportation

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration branch of the U.S. Department of Transportation wants to know your service, safety, or discrimination complaint. If you have an emergency, then call 9-1-1. If you want to talk to a human, call 1-888-DOT-SAFE. Otherwise, you can file a complaint right on the website. Damage and loss are not the only complaints this department is concerned with though. Unlicensed status, reckless driving, and even being charged more than 110 percent of the quote is all examples. Read More

Signs of a Bad Moving Company

badYou have probably been told or read moving advice regarding how to pick a good moving company. However, sometimes you think you have chosen the right one based on what you believe you should be looking for, but you miss the warning signs that are essentially waving a red flag and telling you to run. Even if it is moving day, if you have suddenly gotten a bad vibe about the company, trust your instinct. You are better to cancel and find someone else than deal with a nightmare experience. Below are signs that you should not let a mover handle your move.

Won’t Provide a Quote

If a mover is only willing to provide an estimate, this is a good indication to look elsewhere. They will likely give you a low estimate and then add on a bunch of hidden charges. A reputable mover will want to come see what you have and will provide an actual quote. Read More

Tips for Moving Your Child’s Toys

toysChances are pretty good that you have been told all sorts of moving advice for appliances, electronics, and breakables. When you finally attempt to tackle your child’s toy collection you will realize that you have met your biggest challenge. Why hasn’t anyone told you how monumental this project is? Seriously, cleaning out the garage is less painful! Still, it has to be done. These tips will help.

Donate and Trash Boxes

Okay, before you start going through their toys, and deciding what to get rid of and what to keep remember that these are your child’s toys. He will notice when something is missing and considering a move can already be pretty traumatic for children, losing his favorite toy could seem like the end of the world. Unless your child is a baby or not quite old enough to make decisions he should have a say in what he keeps. If you explain donation to him you may be surprised at how generous he is, which means less for you pack. A few popular charities that accept toys include Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. Anything that is broken should be thrown away. Read More

How to Make a Move Fun for Children

moving_kidsChildren can often feel like a move is the end of the world. Even if the new home is nearby and they won’t have to switch schools, the idea of a new house is scary. After all, there is no way their new bedroom will be as cool! This moving advice guide will give your ideas to make the entire process fun, so your children actually look forward to the big day.

  • Let Them Design Their Space – Let them know that one of the greatest things about moving is starting over fresh, which means they will have an entire space to decorate as they wish. Maybe she is growing out of the pink princess-themed room and would love a space a little more fun and retro with bean bag chairs and polka dots, or perhaps his passion is no longer bugs but cars instead. Now is the chance to pick the paint color for the wall and get a new comforter. This will also give you an excuse to go to the craft store to see what you can buy or make to decorate with.  Read More

College Relocation: Campus vs. Off-Campus Living

dormsSome students cannot wait to experience dorm life while others are 100 percent sure that they want to get an apartment or rent a large house with friends. Of course, if you are reading this then you might be on the fence. Many students have a hard time trying to decide between the two, so if you are looking for moving advice for both options, but feeling even more confused you are not alone. Of course, where you decide to live will dictate how you need to pack and what you need to bring.

Dorm Living

Most college dorms are quite small, so you will need to be thoughtful when packing and creative while organizing. Always check with the Housing Department on campus to find out if there are restrictions regarding space heaters, televisions, stereos, etc. You will also be required to be familiar with and obey all rules regarding smoking, drinking, noise, pets, and guests. Read More

Moving Day Tips You Can’t Live Without

moving_calYou have probably already received a lot of moving advice regarding packing and picking the right movers, but do you know what to expect from moving day? If this is your first move then you are likely a little unsure of how the day will unfold. If you have moved before, but felt yourself frazzled halfway through, then you are likely trying to decide what you need to do different this time around. These moving day tips are sure to come in handy, and they will help ensure that your move is a positive experience.

Don’t Oversleep

Hopefully you started packing weeks in advance, so you are not up all night throwing things in boxes. You need a good night of rest, but you do not want to oversleep. In fact, you want to get up earlier than usual, so you can enjoy breakfast and pack the last toiletries, plates, etc., that you use in the morning. You do not want to be awakened by your movers pounding at the door. Starting your day in a panicked state is no good. Read More

A Guide to Moving Antiques

antiquesUnlike items you buy at a local furniture store, antiques cannot simply be replaced, if damage is done during a move. Whether you have an entire collection of these finely dated pieces throughout your home, or if you have one single piece handed down through generations it will require a little extra care during the moving process to make sure it arrives to your destination in the same condition.


Before you even start comparing movers, you should have an appraisal done on all of your antiques. You cannot purchase the proper level of insurance, if you do not know how much you actually need. American Society of Appraisers is a good resource to use. This non-profit organization will help you find an accredited appraisal in your area. Read More