New York’s Best Mover Offers 20 Tips for Sweet Summer Moves

Citysearch Winner Flatrate Moving Gives Insider Insight

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Moving can be a stressful time –
especially for urban dwellers at the height of the Summer crunch. The good
news? The right preparations — and mover — can alleviate that stress. To
help people everywhere to make an easier Summer move, nationally acclaimed
moving company Flatrate Moving ( has released some superb
tips that will help people prepare for their best move ever — and if they
do it with Flatrate, they’re assured of great service and a guaranteed,
flat-rate price.
  Flatrate’s 20 tips:

* Don’t wait: Start packing 3 to 4 weeks before your move.
  * Start by packing the things you use least, such as books, seasonal
  clothing or sports equipment, and knickknacks.
  * When packing for a Summer move, bag items that may soften in the heat,
  such as candles, soaps, etc.
  * Use the opportunity to organize, getting rid of outdated items you
  don’t use.
  * Use strong cardboard boxes — small boxes for heavier items, large
  boxes for lighter items. Don’t overpack.
  * Don’t scrimp on Packing Tape (and always buy more than you think
  you’ll need).
  * Pack your books flat, alternating bindings so they stack evenly.
  * To stay neat, concentrate on packing one room at a time, stacking
  finished boxes against one wall.
  * Use your computer to print out labels indicating each box’s source
  room, and attach to each completed box (also saving valuable unpacking
  * Pack alarm clocks, medication, valuables, urgent items in a separate,
  clearly marked box or bag. Make copies of important documents such as
  wills, contracts, and passports.
  * Always wrap nuts and bolts in a clearly labeled plastic bag.
  * Empty dressers completely (furniture tends to break more easily if not
  emptied first).
  * Beware of hidden costs from less scrupulous movers. To avoid
  additional charges on moving day, (1) provide movers with a copy of
  your inventory list before quote, and (2) get a guaranteed,
  all-inclusive price in writing, before the move.
  * A good mover should quilt and secure furniture and large items, and
  help to pack and unpack major electronics. They should also provide
  wardrobe boxes on moving day.
  * One less-known item: Most movers will not reassemble Baby Cribs, for
  important safety reasons, so make sure to have a knowledgeable person
  ready to do so.
  * Keep a complete inventory list of everything to be moved. Jot down
  serial numbers on all electronic equipment.
  * Wrap dishware and glasses individually. Bundle flatware in groups of
  three, then wrap. Separate dishware with packing paper (newspaper may
  leave ink stains).
  * Do not pack flammables like aerosol cans, paints, or gasoline.
  Carefully dispose of gasoline and oil from machinery beforehand.
  Don’t pack perishables like frozen foods, produce, or plants –
  transport these yourself.
  * Don’t place soaps, sprays, polishes, and medicine in the same box as
  food. Don’t pack heavy items with dishware.
  * Take care of your moving team in the Summer heat. Keep chilled water
  or soda available so they don’t dehydrate. If you’re delighted with
  your move, don’t forget to tip upon completion.
  Flatrate Moving was recently voted New York’s “Best Mover 2006″ by
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