After the Move, Review the Movers

Unless you’re a “professional mover,” you probably had no idea who to hire to help with your move. You went through the stressful experience of calling various companies, reviewing their prices and policies, and finally making your choice. But even with all of that due diligence, there’s still a chance that you were a bit nervous throughout the entire process.

Moving isn’t easy, whether you decide to do it on your own or hire someone else. You can help others minimize their stress, though, by taking a few minutes to review the company you hired after the move is complete.

Reviews Help Those Moving Find the Best and Avoid the Rest

Imagine if you could have just hopped online and picked the best mover based on the recommendations of others. It would have made it a lot easier for you to know who to contact and who to avoid. While plenty of people are already using online services to review moving companies, far more never even bother. Of those who are compelled to do so, most have had negative experiences. Read More

FlatRate in New York Metro

new york metroThis is a picture I took in New York Metro MTA two weeks ago. This is a lyric Vanessa Carlton wrote, which perfectly express this picture:

Just a day, Just an ordinary day.
Just tryin to get by.
Just a boy, Just an ordinary boy.
But he was looking towards the sky.
And as he asked if I would come along
I started to realize- That everyday you find
Just what he’s looking for,
Like a shooting star he shines.

Well, wake up boy – FlatRate is not an ordinary moving company. Check out all these reviews to see for yourself!

Real People, real comments

I would like to share with you and pass on some comments made by people who read this moving planning blog. It’s about real people and real moving experience.

For your convenience, I will not include comments like “very happy to post my comment in this blog”, “Nice blog”, “great info (or day)!”, “I agree with you”, “Very Interesting moving companies post”, “amazing post”, “your tips helps a lot” and… well, you got the message…

Jeffery wrote today:

That economy is hitting every industry and moving companies are certainly not going to be exempt from that. The set-up of many moving companies may make it easier for the industry to weather the storm, so to speak. I think you may need to look at what to cut back on and some may consider benefits, however this a bad idea in this industry I think. What you could consider is using a PEO to off-set the costs.

Peter wrote:

You must be very careful while selecting the moving companies. If you choose the inexperienced or fraud company then they will make your moving experience worse. You need to check for their reliability, credibility and experience and price before selecting or hiring any moving company. Find out the information about the moving companies from your family, friends, and business bureau before zeroing your decision. FMCSA (federal motor carrier safety administration), you can search for information about the company like complaints and safety ratings. You must check with this association about how many complaints are registered against that company in order to protect yourself from scam.


I didn’t know until recently about “Mover Scams”. Fifteen years ago I had to move from L.A. to NYC. I called in a reputable mover whose trucks I had seen around and who also had a large ad in the yellow pages. Got the price of the move and was content with the amount. The truck was to arrive at my NYC address on Sunday which they did as planned…However, when they got there they said that the cost was going to be $3,500 more (can’t remember the reason) but went on to say thaat they couldn’t unload until I gave them cash. Stunned as I was, I headed to an ATM, and somehow was able to get the cash to give them whereupon they unloaded my furnishings. WOW was I naive…but what is one to do on a Sunday???

Sunset Movers (what is this name?) Wrote:

Moving is a stressful task especially when it is in summer. This is the season when most of the people plan to relocate to other area. In this season most movers are full busy with their services they are offering. Whether you may move to short distance or long distance you need to follow the process in order to avoid stress out off moving and be careful with packing your belongings. Whether it is short distance or long distance packing thoroughly is most important to avoid any damage during transportation and confirm with your moves whether they provide necessary coverage. By following these tips we can almost reduce the risk of damage during transportation.

Lavan Latha wrote:

Many Americans move every year due to different reasons. It is most of the people experience for life. Every one might think of experiencing fun out of it. But every one must aware of the moving companies fraud, whom they heir for their moving needs. Choosing the mover who is dishonest can become disaster at the end. So choosing a legitimate mover is most important thing to perform. The federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) of the US department of transportation has initiated steps to make sure the information you have about the moving company is all genuine and will help you in choosing legitimate mover to save your time, money and experience fun out of moving.

Bridget Reno submitted this story:

I live in Orlando Florida. I recently had to pack up and move to another city in Florida. I searched for days struggling to find the best company to help my family and me with this move. The Professionalism of the company was very important to us seeing how we were moving everything that we owned. I also was looking for a company that provided insurance, temporary storage, boxes as well as a few other factors that were important to us in choosing a moving company. I talked to a bunch of moving companies in the area and most of them made me really nervous. The first one that even talked to me and was willing to patiently answer all the questions that I had was this place called JJ . Although I wasn’t all that familiar with the moving process, they made me feel comfortable enough to use their services. If you chose to use any kind of moving company, please take the time to research the company first before trusting them with all of your personal belongings. I’ve heard horror stories of what can happen to you and your belonging if you don’t take the time to research a moving company first. It’s good to protect yourself and it will be worth it in the long run.

Moving company California (again? What, is it search engines trick?) wrote:

Moving has become a nightmare for everyone especially in California, when they require to move at some point of time. It is stressful to move around to new area. However by following few simple steps can make the process less hectic and can even become fun out of moving. Always plan well before you move. Decide which items you want to take along with you and what you want to leave it there. Always organize the items which are to be packed together that makes easy to you when loading or unloading. Then you need to look around for various moving companies. Choosing a right moving company will obviously relive you from last minute stress. The more you research the more you will be able to avoid scam or bad moving company.

Tom wrote:

I am the general manager of Merit Moving Systems. Our company moves thousands of customers on an annual basis. I cannot find anyone within our organization that remembers a shipement from Palm Desert, CA to San Antonio, TX with the above set of circumstances that “Twinkle Toes” alleges. Our policy is to resolve all claim issues to the extent that if damage in mover related, it is repaired and/or replaced. If non transit/handling related, a claim would be denied. Again, we cannot seem to find anything more about this customer. If “Twinkle Toes” would be willing to provide a bill of lading number or contact our office, we would be glad to discuss this further.

SF mover wrote:

When you want to relocate your business for what ever reason it may be it is one of the hardest tasks one has to perform. No matter how experienced you are, there are the things that can go wrong under some uncertain conditions and it become stressful during moving? One can avoid this unpleasant conditions related to moving from San Francisco by planning well before. Plan should be realistic; it happen that people plan unrealistically. Planning in a way that can happen will be helpful to you. First by contacting a professional moving company can help you by getting the estimates for moving. Once you decide the moving companies then decide which thing to pack on. You need to decide which items you take with you and which items you leave behind. Taking a help of professional packer can help you packing your valuable items with care that can avoid damage.

Reagrds Long Distance movers, somebody wrote:

Your information on moving seems to be of great help when we are moving. One of the toughest tasks is moving to other area. Packing is the most important and hard to do. It must be done very careful because the items which are packed under can damage during traveling. They should be packed with care and also each item requires packing differently according to its nature like as you mentioned fish packing. It must be taken care off during traveling, one that could harm fishes. Packing with a quality packing material could save you from a head ache of damage during transportation. The fragile or valuable items should be packed and marked carefully.

Pedini Designer from Italy wrote:

I think you are right. The country is in recession means there is slowdown in the demand from consumers and rise in fuel cost will affect the manufacturing industry. When there is no demand for the goods produced, then there will be reduction in producing activity like inventory and distribution which influence moving industry. With the present slowdown in the economy there is need for better quality of service with reduction in prices in the present competitive world. Moving industry plays an important role in the growth of an economy. An efficient and productive freight mover can help in growth of manufacturing productivity. Moving companies by using renewable energy and reusable packing material can help moving industry to put back on track. Think about moving your Kitchen! Would you do it yourself these days?

Jeff wrote:

Hi, just thought i’d put in my 2 cents. it is often a better choice to go with a big van line not only because they can be held more accountable and have insurance but also because smaller movers are known to hold your belongings hostage and demand more money before releasing your stuff to you. i always go with north american and never have a problem

Nobel Van Lines wrote:

It is about time that the FMCSA will start inforcing regulations. We also hope that they will limit the options for companies out of state to pick up jobs out of there areas, that’s why it is important to hire the right moving company. Basically having your money’s worth is an important matter when moving. When moving you should always consider the expense and time you spent to it. Right moving company results to easy and hassle free moving out.

Madhumita Santra wrote:

Moving is really one of the most hectic job and setting up your internet is equivalent painful. Now we are so much dependant on the internet that once it stops working, the whole world comes to a standstill. There are few moving companies like the White Glove Transportation who can transform a hectic move into a joyful ride.

Vrbo wrote:

Moving companies always had a smelly reputation. It is hard to imagine that there is still so many of them around. I am happy to use a very good moving company with good reviews.

Barry wrote about, not

Disaster area. I overpaid and had a horrible experience. The movers got into a fight with my porter and sent him to the ER. They then THREW AWAY(not lost) my cats ashes, my bookcase, my kitchen chairs and all of my medications, vacuum cleaner and a whole lot more. When I called their customer service they made excuses for the crews behavior and tried to blame me. They offered no apology and only offered to allow me to file a claim with the insurance I bought. This means I have to pay a 500 dollar deductible and have to pray that everything won’t be disallowed. This is despite the fact that their crew threw my stuff in a dumpster. They took no responsibility. I am so angry I set up a website to describe my experience and give an update as I go through my claims process. Avoid this company at all cost.

Laura wrote:
My family and I were just moving around that time. we saw the advertisement and we decided to go for it after all it is an ad on the New York sun then its gotta be something good. On our first move a few years back we had the worst experience with one of the moving companies. They didn’t come on time didn’t do their work properly and damaged property. It was so bad we almost settled for doing it ourselves this time, and we wouldn’t of had kids we probably would. But after that experience we learned our lesson. We decided to check up and do our own research next time we gotta move and not rely on others. We were even ready to pay as much as the new company wanted even if it was an outrageous price because we knew that when it all comes down to it, if you get a cheap price you’ll probably get cheap work which isn’t worth much and in the end you’ll have to go through so much hassle that its just worth to pay maybe a one time large fee but wee know we got it over with and we can sleep peacefully knowing our house will be moved safely. I gotta say FlatRate had the best service and I admit they did prove me wrong about the prices. I thought in order to get a good job you gotta pay an unreasonably high price, well not by FlatRate, their prices were great and the service even better. I think that the fact Flatrate gets to be on the cover of the New York Sun is normal thing because Flatrate is a high end moving company so it makes sense. As for the news up top from a year ago I think its kinda funny that they out up the Israeli military offensive in gaza and Flatrate Moving on the same page, its good publicity u know if some palast. wanna move out they got Flatrate on call… hahaha Im not taking sides but just thinking out loud. I think you guys are an asset to the moving world and I think the ad on the NY Sun will take you to new heights. Great work guys!!
Twinkle Toes warning us:

I can’t tell you who you should use, but I can tell you from my experience who to steer clear of! We used Merit Moving Systems United Van Lines (editor note: Click here for the real Van lines Mover) for a move from Palm Desert, CA to San Antonio,TX. My furniture was in perfect, model home or showroom condition when it left California. When it arrived here in Texas my dining room hutch had a deep gouge in it. My arm chairs were all nicked up and parts of the fancy carved areas on the arms were gone. My living room table had the finial at the bottom broken off of it and I am missing one of my end tables. I am sure there are other things that are missing or have been destroyed or damaged in some way, but I haven’t gotten to everything yet.

I filed a claim for the things I did know about – namely my dining room set. It originally cost a little over $25,000 for the set and now it is ruined! They denied my claim, saying that it was already like that when they moved it here. I have photos to prove that it was not damaged before they got a hold of it! Anyway, it’s just too big of a hassle to deal with right now, so I am letting this go for now. But, I will tell anybody and everybody who will listen not to use this company.

Car rental with independent agency

Year ago I spoke here about transporting your expensive and confidential property such as jewellery using your own car. This way everything is safe, and within your reach at any given time. This time I will explain how to chooce a car rental company on your moving day.

There are many reasons why you should choose an independent agency over one of the big names in the car rental business. You are more likely to be satisfied with you car rental when you rent from a locally owned and operated company, than from one of the rental giants. This is because with the smaller companies you are going to receive better service and better prices; it is their goal to make you happy.
The most common problem when renting a car from a major company is negotiating a ‘deal’ if you are planning to use more than the allotted free mileage. It will be next to impossible to get a better deal. However, if you are renting from an independent agency, you are renting from a business person that is interested in making the rental happen, and someone that will be more likely to propose a ‘deal’ if more than the free mileage is required.

Another very important problem is the cash versus credit phenomenon. Almost all large car rental agencies will not allow cash rentals, and require you have a credit card. The reason for this is because they do not have the ‘time’ to do a credit check on the customer, but instead rely on the credit card company to do so. Most independent rental agencies will rent with a cash deposit, which many people would prefer. Although most people have credit cards these days, many do not like to use them for such things.The problem with major car rental chains is that they do not need to be concerned with customer service, as they do not need to rely on the word of mouth advertising. With a major company that has countless locations across the world, you become a faceless nobody in a sea of countless customers. Whereas with an independent agency you are a very important customer, as small businesses rely on the word of mouth. So if you are happy with your rental experience, and you spread the word they get more business, this way they strive to make you as happy as possible and give you everything you need. A recent survey by the Travel Industry Association of America determined that 43% of travel info was collected from friend or family referrals. If you are happy then the rental company is happy. So if you had a great rental experience tell you friends and spread the word.

So great customer service is important when renting a car, but also very import if you have a problem with your rental car. If you rent from a major chain, and you have a problem or complaint, you can guarantee it will become lost in a huge complaint pile and will probably never be reached. There is no one to complain to with a major company. However, with an independent agency all of your concerns (that is, if you have any) will be addressed immediately, as small business owners are more concerned about the customer than the corporate giants. You will be able to actually voice your opinion to the owner, instead of just a local manager that will most likely not pass anything on to any of the larger corporation representatives. An independent agency wants you to return, and their main concern is making you happy, so that you will.The Car Rentals Business is highly competitive, and sometimes a personal touch can make all the difference. Most large rental corporations do not rely on individual customers, but rather on big corporations and business travel. Also large chains have a larger clientele, as they have many locations in many different areas. That is why the independent agency will strive to please you, the consumer. They are not a big corporate chain and rely on repeat business from local consumers. They want to please you, so you will return. For them, getting customers is not the top priority, but creating customer loyalty is. Small businesses know that making the customer happy is the first step in developing repeat business.

You can also concider 15 passenger van or Cargo van to accommodate bigger space cargo space.

To sum it all up, Independent agencies are locally owned and operated; they have a superior selection of vehicles, more adaptable policies, better discounts and flexible rates, its own rules, and have a hands on approach. They want to make you happy, and give you the most for your money.

My moving Experience

a moving experienceI just wanted to add to this forum since I was researching it a lot when I moved two months ago from CA to a small town in FL.
We were moving right in the midst of the high moving season and eventhough we were moving from a 2 Bedroom in California to a town house in Florida some reputable companies (Bekins, Dahil, Central Moving & Storage) gave us the cold shoulder after their evaluator were gone. Flatrate was actually only the second choice because of the limited interstate experience here on the forum.
However, aside from small mishaps (my credit card was charged twice but the amount was refunded after 3 days – infact the foreman himself made me aware of the error). Our entire furniture paintings etc arrived without a single scratch. We had full service incl. packaging.
I have to give big thanks to the crew that packed & picked up the stuff. Rafael and the rest of the young polish guys did a tremendous job in over 90 degrees CA sweltering heat. The haul was then delivered by a  driver (flatrate-truck) named Bobby who was also great.
Overall I think we were really lucky.

Real People, Real Comments

The 3 men that came to move my son were excellent. Very professional and fast.

The guys did a great job packing up my belongings and I really felt like it was a great experience. I’m not fully moved into my new place yet so the move is halfway done.

The entire experience was surprisingly easy. The movers, especially Ivan, were courteous, knowledgeable about the move, and very professional from pick-up to delivery several days later. I was especially impressed with the excellent manner in which my furniture was wrapped for the move. I have had movers before, but FlatRate’s method was far superior to the others. In addition, knowing that the quoted rate is the rate one pays (and not some inflated rate at the end) was the best part. I would definitely use FlatRate again

Mario, Domingo, Estebaya and Matildo were terrific. They worked well as a team and made this painless. Thank you

From the initial meeting with the estimator to the moment we waived good-bye to the truck pulling out of our driveway our experience has been excellent. We were extremely impressed by how diigent and hard working your staff was the day of the move. The group of guys that came to pack up our home were true professionals. Our household goods are now on their way from CA to NY under your care and I could not feel any better about it. You have an excellent organization and I will recommend you to everyone I know who moves! I am confident our items will arrive in NY as scheduled.

Our movers were very professional, hardworking, and efficient. We would highly recommend Flat Rate Movers and will also use Flat Rate Movers again for our next move in a few years.

Cory, Lazaro, Charlie, and Alex were courteous, hard working, and respectful. They worked very hard. Cory was organized and a good leader. The other guys were very helpful and polite. They did a great job! All four were extremely professional and efficient. They took great care in protecting our belongings. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends. If I have to move again, I will use Flatrate again, and would request those four guys! It was the easiest and smoothest move ever!

Your crew chief and workers were all very polite, professional, and hard working. They were very personable

I had 2 moves booked – one for Monday and then another for the following day, Tuesday. The first day not only were your men there on time, but they were there early. The second day they were there right on time. All five of the movers I dealt with on both days were very professional and pleasant. They were all quick, but not rushed. Nothing was damaged and the packing job they all did was excellent! Thank you!

The movers were great! I have moved over 10 times in 7 years and this was the easit move ever. The best part is I did not have to do anything, just sit back and let them do there job. Also the individuals that helped me move myself were very pleseant and hardworking. I could tell that they cared about the work they did. If I have the capability to use Flatrate again, it would not even take a second thought!

Our mover, Gerson, and his helper where great. On time and moved quickly. I was very satified.

The move was a fantastic experience overall. The movers misplaced one of the pegs for supporting a shelf in one of our bookshelves (I didn’t notice this until after they had left), but that was about the only negative thing from the entire day. Great job all around — THANKS!!

Our movers were fast, professional and thorough. They packed everything well and nothing got broken! Because of the excellent service from the movers, I would use flat rate again, and I will highly recommend flat rate to others.

Corey, Lazaro, Jason, and Charlie were the best movers we’ve ever worked with. They were not only thorough and professional, but wrapped every potentially fragile item in bubble wrap, wrapping paper, quilting, AND shrink wrap. As the shirts they were wearing said, “no stress, no surprises.” Well, actually we were surprised – we were pleasantly surprised that the move was so easy and that the cost was exactly the same as had been quoted.

The workers headed by Boris Torres were all extremely hard working courteous and responsible with our belongings. My wife and I were very pleased and relieved for our move to be handled so professionally and with extreme grace considering how difficult the work can be. We would not hesitate to use Flatrate again or recommend it to anyone. Best Regards Nancy and FrankScerbo

Reasonable prices! Great and helpful staff! Fast and efficient! And I LOVED the guaranteed price (NO surprises!!). EXCELLENT experience!

Thanks for a seamless move. I was concerned since I was off-site and you were moving my children’s belongings from one apartment to another, but your drivers handled the job efficiently and were very friendly and helpful. Thanks for taking care of everything!

This is the first time that I moved using movers instead of myself and friends, and with the price you gave me and the time it took and the little I had to do it was amazing! The salesperson on the phone was very nice and professional. The movers knew what they were doing and packaged everything neatly and securely in a very short time. GREAT MOVERS! I would definitely recommend you for my friends and will use you if I move again!

FLAT RATE movers did a great job! They made the moving experience seem effortless. They were professional, organized, and efficient. I was quite impressed and would definitely use their services for future moves. Thank you to Gerson, Omar and Alex!

Boris and his team were great to work with and I was very impressed with how smoothly everything went. Great, great job.

Manny and the gang were awesome! Quick, very professional, polite and even fun! It was the best moving experience we have ever had. We will recommend you to our friends and family and use you again in the future. Thank you so much for all you hard work and making moving so much easier.

Your guys were very careful, curteous and really hustled. I would highly recommend Flat Rate to anyone needing relocation – Great job!

Great Company! Would use their services for my next move for sure.. very happy and highly recommend them to anybody who wants to have a smooth move :) Roz

I was extremely pleased with the move. The moving crew was professional and worked very hard. I hope the delivery of the items is just as great!! I will definitely recommend very highly!!!! And will use FlatRate again. Thank you very much…. Mary Kay Gilmore & Kris Klabacha

Your movers, Boris and his crew, were very nice and very friendly. They took extra time to help us and make the move run smoother. I hope you commend them and let them know how much they were appreciated. I did tip them but I did not have as much money to tip them as I would have liked. They were worth much more than they made!!

The three movers themselves were the best I’ve used. Very smart, considerate guys. Salespeople tend to be good anywhere. But the three moving guys you sent were what made the move the best I’ve had.

Richard, Julio and Ernesto (?) were my movers and they were awesome from start to finish…i will absolutely recommend you guys to my friends.

The guys who came were early, professional, and nice. Definitely worth the money and surprisingly proactive to do the job correctly and considerately. I rarely leave feedback on websites but I was definitely that impressed.

First off, you probably want to e-mail my mom, Mary Kay, at, for her feedback, as she’s the one who organized everything and worked with Troy, and was also the main contact with the movers. The freight elevator in my apartment broke shortly after the team arrived but they persevered and continued to be in good spirits. I can’t say enough about how friendly and helpful they were. Every single person on the team worked hard, and they worked extremely well as a team. I wish we could have afforded to tip them more! That’s what I was mostly concerned with – making sure they earn enough money for everything that they do. They packed everything so carefully and thoroughly, and never rushed, even though the move took longer than expected. I was blown away by their ability to disassemble my Ikea furniture. I thought it’d be near impossible, but the foreman knew exactly how to handle each piece, and took time to communicate to his team how to dismantle and pack the parts. They were able to take the furniture apart easily and without any damage. I hope that the movers on the other end are as good as these guys are! Again, I wish that we could have offered them more money as a tip. Please give them all a bonus. They’re great guys, and dealt with a difficult situation (the broken elevator, the heat, things taking longer than they had planned) with ease and maintained a great attitude. Lots of people would have taken it out on us, or would have griped or complained, making us feel uncomfortable or guilty somehow. Not these guys – they were there to do the job and were committed to a high standard of work and professionalism. In addition, they were very personable, which made me and my family feel comfortable and at ease during the move.

We actually did two moves, one on the 8th and another on the 1st April. We jumped around a lot changing our dates many times and Troy just flowed with it all. We had Cleo and his team both times and they worked really really hard, but did everything we asked with a good attitude. We used them for both moves because they did such a good job on the first, we wanted to work with somebody we knew again. Good guys, good attitude and good job. Thank you FlatRate.

Very professional as they did an amazing job of protecting and wrapping all my furniture. I would highly recommend them and wouldn’t hesitate to use them in the future.

I love that my customer service rep, Richard, was friendly and called me… also to work with my budget… also I loved that the movers on the day of the move were early and moved everything in amazing time… and also helped me with all of the little things… they were very nice and respectful! I loved that when they unloaded they ask me where I would like things placed. I would highly recommend FlatRate moving to anyone who is planning to move… it was the easiest move I have ever had… thank you!!

FlatRate prices are very reasonable for the service that you are provided. Not only was our furniture moved with care, but we even had to store our stuff for a month and a half and the price could not be beat. Our crew was the best and a great group of guys. They were very easy to talk to and very friendly. Of course, they were very hard workers as well. Upon delivery to our new house, we had just got new wood floors put in. The movers happily carried all of our furniture without using equipment that could damage the floor. Even with the heavier pieces, the smiles never left their faces. We definitely had a great experience with the company and wouldn’t hesitate to use it for our next move. With all the horror stories about moving companies out there, we are happy to have found a professional, trustworthy business that we can count on.

This is our 2nd move with FlatRate.. both times have been 100% perfect. Very friendly movers.. My wife and I are very happy. We appreciate their excellent sense of integrity & professionalism. Thank you very much!

I really appreciated Ilia, my sales person, driving down from LA to do a complete walk through of my house in San Diego. The movers arrived promptly as expected on the day of the move. The crew was very pleasant and respectful of my furniture and items. They packed most of my items for me, and I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently they did it.

Excellent movers, polite and helpful, went above and beyond to make my move easy and painless. thanks omar and jerson!

Hi Flatrate Moving Team, Thank you very much for your support! It was the most professional, convenient and the fastest move ever. Your guys are friendly, fun, and very professional! We can only recommend your service and performance to everyone who doesn’t want to stress out. We’ll book you again for our next move, no question! Take care.

The team leader, Cory, was great. Nice and polite man, and good with his team He anticipated everything I needed and more. Terry and Travis were also excellent. Nice guys who were very skilled at their jobs and very strong! They packed everything carefully and I had NO PROBLEMS what so ever. I will recommend you to all my friends and coworkers. I am so glad I used your company. I think your men went above and beyond., they really cared about my move and you could tell. As we know, moving can be stressful but they made iit (almost haha) easy. Thank you for a great service!

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of the movers which came out and moved our Corporate office. They were all very professional, courtious and very helpful . All of the movers had good attitudes and worked well together. We had many very heavy and expensive pieces and were pleasently surprised with the amount of care taken to ensure everything was moved without any damage. Thank you again Alison Belvin

I have moved more times in my life than I care to think about. My most recent move (with FlatRate Movers) was, without a doubt, the easiest, fastest, and most professional move of them all. Every detail was carried out with precision, care and speed. FANTASTIC!!

Every aspect went smoothly. It was a pleasure to not have the movers hold my furniture and valuable hostage while they raised the price of the move on me. All involved were very professional. I must admit I was surprised though to see in the contract papers on the day of moving that a 15% tip was customary and expected. I gave 10% and thought that should be verbalized before the movers arrived. All in all I was very pleased and would most definately use FlatRate to move again.

You guys are awesome. Everything from the initial contact with the salesperson Ilya to the excellent service of the foreman and the other 2 movers, you have done a tremendous job. Moving can be quite a stressful activity and FlatRate made it as easy as possible with your well trained staff. The people who work at FlatRate had positive attitudes and were knowledgable. I would highly recommend FlatRate to anyone who is moving and will use you guys in the future. Cheers, Cliff

Straight-forward, timely, professional, customer-service oriented, flexible, kind and relatively stress-free. all the things you want your move to be.

The crew that you sent to do our move was EXTREMELY professional. The worked very efficiently. I will definitely use your service again, I would LOVE to have the same guys!!!! You exceeded our expectations (we move a lot, and have used several companies)

I’d like to commend Gerson for his personal attention to detail and reassurance. As any one of us knows, it’s hard to watch your property being handled by others, but he thoroughly explained the team’s plan, and was confident in what they were capable of doing. Great leader. The team seemed to work well together, and were exceptionally friendly. Thanks guys, very much.

Our pick-up,delivery and set-up was handled very professionally. The consultant and moving day supervisor helped me feel at ease and made sure I was pleased with the entire moving experience. I would use FlatRate again and recommend their service to my friends!

Thank You Flatrate movers

thank youJust wanted to post a good experience (for a change!). After the very bad experience we had with Peace Movers, about which I posted on July 19, we called FlatRate Moving of Rockville. They had a move date available 2 days later, showed up in their own clearly marked truck, with 3 guys for both pick-up and delivery, as promised. And they showed up on time — 9 am on the dot, in fact — on both ends! The movers — Warren, Mario, and John — were very courteous, careful, with our stuff, and fast in both loading and unloading. And there were no issues with the price — they collected what was on the contract, no arguments. What a relief, and such a change from our first almost-experience. They helped us every step of the way, and everything came out right on time it was perfect. Thank you Flatrate moving.

Moving To Los- Angeles

los-angelesMy name is Jack Holmes and I have just recently moved to LA from Florida. At first I had many difficulties arranging my stuff, I didn’t even know where to start. So I call up one of my friends which moved not to long ago himself. He told me that as he was searching the Internet last month, he saw this company called FLATRATE they don’t charge by the hour and they move over long distances. So I took my friends advice and I contacted Flatrate.

Ever since I did that, my moving process couldn’t have gotten any easier. The guys from Flatrate helped me all the way from arranging the technical details, to the actual packing. They told me “If you ever need any help at all, with anything that has to do with packing we are always available”. The next day by about mid day every thing was unloaded and in its place. All the big things were pretty much in their place. They had such good service that the guys even started unpacking kitchen utilities and more things.

If you are looking for a reliable moving company Flatrate moving is it.

I truly recommend Flatrate moving.

Will I move again sometime soon? Not bloody likely

Here is another story received today from Santi Meinthes.

My long-distance move, made in January 2007, was from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Mill Bay, Canada. A distance of about 10,500 miles as the crow flies – much further as the plane flies.

Moving myself and my husband was easy – we got on the airplane and flew via London and Vancouver to Victoria, then rented a car and drove to our house which we had purchased some three months earlier.

Moving the cats was a different matter.
Moving the rest of our belongings was easy at first then turned into a pain.

Firstly we had to consider whether it was worth the expense and the time to do what everybody else does, namely, pack everything into a shipping container and ship it. Despite the assurances of the moving agents, anybody who looks at the world map and the shipping routes can work out that it takes a lot longer than the 3 months (!) that they quote to move from Johannesburg to Mill Bay. In fact, even 6 months is an optimistic estimate.

What are you going to sleep on, sit on, cook in, etc during that time? Taking even sufficient clothes, toiletries and just the essential important documents with you personally fills your baggage allowance so you can not take one pot and a set of cutlery as well! (We were way over our limits as it is and had to pay for the extra weight). Maybe you can buy “just the cheap essentials”? What’s the point of doing that, really?

The argument above plus the fact that most of our stuff was old and needed replacement in any case resulted in our decision to fly rather than ship – only the personal and essential small stuff – and to buy completely new furniture and other accoutrements in Canada.

We asked two moving companies who operate internationally (yes, they both operate in the USA as well) to give us quotes. One was not too interested and the agent’s attitude eliminated them almost from the word go. The other was much more helpful and enthusiastic and we selected them. Very well-known but I won’t divulge their name.

They arrived on the appointed day and packed – very well done, they took great care with paintings, fragile paraphernalia, CD’s and so forth.

Now here’s the rub: the contract we signed in South Africa included unpacking, and rearrangement of goods in the destination dwelling, and removal of all packaging material including the crate(s). When it arrived in Vancouver however, we were told that this is NOT included. While trying to sort it out, a truck stopped in front of the house, dumped one 6x9x4 ft wooden crate and one smaller crate in the driveway and left.

It was raining – this is Canada in the winter, remember. I was alone at the house, newly arrived, don’t know a soul. I supposed I should be thankful that at least the goods were delivered to the house and that I did not have to fetch it in Vancouver. I had a screwdriver and a hammer – no crowbar, no trolley, no nothing.

I opened those crates with the screwdriver and hammer (don’t ask), hauled the boxes out (do you know how heavy is a 15x35x30 inch box stuffed with books?), carried the boxes inside and unpacked it. It took two days, and I ended up with a mountain of cardboard and an avalanche of Styrofoam. But at least our stuff was out of the rain.

And there stood the crates – I can’t move the newly purchased vehicle into the garage, and I can’t move the crate by myself – I tried, it was way too heavy.

Fortunately, our calls and emails, and finally, my husband’s personal meeting with the manager back in Johannesburg, resulted in another truck pulling up to my door, and they dismantled and removed the crates and all the packaging material.

Will I recommend this company to anybody else? Of course not. On the contrary.
Will I recommend this kind of move? Yes – we have purchased quality new furniture but all our personal little treasures are still with us and at least the house was transformed into a home within two months.
Will I move again sometime soon? Not bloody likely.

Born Yankee – Long move away from life

born-yankee.jpgBorn Yankee

OK so I’ll admit it. I’m a New Englander through and through. Snow is my favorite season and if you are fortunate enough to live in New England, you know that it doesn’t just fall in the Winter. It has its own season, hence my remark. I love the laid back atmosphere of small town New England life where everybody makes a point to know everybody and his siblings. And even though I wasn’t used to it at the time I encountered it, I also like the aloofness of New England city life. It was in Boston after all that I learned help won’t magically fall deus ex machina style onto you in times of need like it would in the country. However, in a pouring downpour with no umbrella and nylons falling as fast as the rain, if you but speak to a passing person you’ll not only receive directions to your interview but use of their umbrella as well. You see, New England is just that way city or country. And I’m still of the impression there is no better place for me than there.

My decision to leave not only New Hampshire but New England behind was a difficult one. In the Fall of 2006 I’d met the man of the dreams or the man of the hour, after only two months of knowing him I could hardly be sure which. Where he was due to be stationed in Virginia by New Year, our sprouting relationship was doomed to fail if I didn’t agree to make the adventurous 16 hour drive to visit or more sensibly to live. Neither of us wanted a distance relationship. Without a doubt the hardest part of leaving Manchester behind was the life I’d created for myself there. After four years of living in the area, I’d finally found myself in a happy, single state with an urban family to keep me occupied on the weekends when I didn’t quite make it home. My parents, who lived only three hours away would visit and would view Manchester with awe, like I had before living there for awhile. Coming from the woods to the city is quite an experience! In Manchester I had dates and dinners, invitations to bonfires and people who sung to me over the phone and urged me out on special occasions. I hadn’t experienced such acceptance since college. I had a job that paid more than I deserved for work that I loved. My best friend had moved next door. I took walks through the woods before heading to Barnes & Noble. If my life was tea, I had steeped.

In the end it wasn’t me who made the decision to move. My company announced a merger and I was laid off with severance on November 15. The apartment I’d had for just under a year would no longer be affordable without commuting into Boston and I didn’t want to commute into Boston. In retrospect I could have moved into a more affordable place once my lease expired, but what would I do for work? Could I afford a cheaper apartment? Would it be safe? Cheaper apartments are usually in the bad parts of town and I hadn’t had roommates since I graduated college in 2001. I didn’t want a roommate. Perhaps I wanted a relationship?

I convinced my boyfriend to remain in New Hampshire through Thanksgiving. As much as I love New Hampshire anyway, having him enjoying the area with me made it all the better. We shared a meal with my parents in Northern New Hampshire and all too soon I watched him start on his long drive back to his parent’s home in Alabama for Christmas. It was hard watching him go. The small studio I’d rented seemed even smaller without his few items stuffed here or there. I decided to spend as much time with my family as I could before the move and practically lived with them during my final month of the lease. Eventually I did have to make the drive to my silent apartment to start packing. Seeing everything around me gradually disappear into Public Storage boxes and tote bags felt like I’d pulled the plug on my life all too soon. It had taken me four years to create that happy life and here I was leaving it all behind for the unknown. I had very little faith the relationship would last longer than my apparent six months maximum and I’d only been to Virginia once before moving there! What was I doing?

The night before the move I received a phone call from my boyfriend. He was on his way to Virginia from Alabama and we’d meet at the apartment we’d both selected on an earlier trip down the next day. For all intents and purposes it was a done deal. My car was packed and the only thing I kept on hand was a pillow and the phone. I tearfully explained I “couldn’t do it”. I couldn’t leave my family, my friends and my life behind. Going to college was only two hours from my Mom and that was hard enough. How would I see her, my nephews and everyone else? I’d never flown and they wouldn’t fly or drive that distance. I wasn’t too keen on driving it myself honestly. I told him no. He hung up on me only after asking me the unanswerable “what am I supposed to do now?” I cried myself to sleep but felt relieved. At least I had made the right decision for me. Mom was pleased when I told her too by phone. It had to be the right decision. My best friend next door agreed it was a good decision too and he’d been the one most encouraging about giving things a chance “down there.” In the morning I awoke to the phone. It was my boyfriend. He said he’d been thinking and it was OK if I didn’t want to move but we shouldn’t be apart on New Years Eve. He asked me to come down “just for the weekend” and while I was reluctant, I felt I owed it to him. He’d been so good to me. He deserved this. I left the next morning with my car still packed. He was so good to me he agreed to drive extra into Maryland and meet me at the hotel we’d stayed in on our one and only trip down. He knew how nervous I was about getting lost on the last leg of the trip.

Seeing him again through that ground floor hotel room window (even before he threw open the door) changed everything. I knew once I’d stepped through that door that I wouldn’t be going back to New Hampshire without him. He teased that he’d force me to leave on Monday but by Sunday we were unpacking my car together. That was it. I’d arrived in Virginia Beach and I’d be here for three years. We didn’t have furniture yet but we, being happy to be reunited, had fast food picnics on our floor. We watched movies on his laptop and I called my Mom from his cell phone.It wasn’t too long before things came together down here too. He took special liberty to bring me home to get my cat who had been living with Mom during the move stress. I found employment in the Human Resources of a publishing company albeit temporary. It was only once here that I realized how very different, even Virginia is from New England.

I suppose Southern Hospitality applies even this far “North”. They’re quick to state they aren’t “Southerners” here, but I believe differently. The most notable characteristic of Virginians is their ready friendliness. Everyone talks to everyone and seems to want to know everyone. It’s happened to me in laundry mats, at bus stops and even in grocery stores. People converse with strangers here. At first I thought I’d found Mecca, a big city with small town values. Over time I learned it’s a little different. Over time I learned that the initial Southern Hospitality displayed was their way of sizing you up. From answers you gave to specific questions you’d be pegged into likable or dis-likable categories. Without the realization that this was the reasoning behind the friendliness, I answered everything exactly as I would have back home. I’ve since learned to be less open. Perhaps it’s a negative thing to say but I just simply prefer the New England trait of people only associating with people they have a genuine desire in being friends with. You’re not sized up in New England unless someone is genuinely interested in you. The sizing might not happen right away. Down here, everyone is sized up almost equally and always immediately. Like I said, it’s a bit different.

The other challenge I had to contend with was the fact that everyone I seem to encounter here is extremely conservative. In a prior job I was in the process of being sized up (unaware I was of course, I thought we were just chatting casually) when I mentioned something about having a Wiccan Gay friend back home. Jaws dropped literally and before I knew it I was back to work alone and virtually ignored the rest of the day. To this day I don’t know which part offended them more. I don’t want to say that everyone who is religious is conservative, but it seems that those I’ve encountered here want you to either be Baptist or dead. Things don’t bode so well for those of us with no religious affiliation at all. It appears you only have spirit here if you actively attend, kind of like you can only be a true Southerner if you love grits. It’s rare you travel anywhere here without hearing God spoken of as often as food. It’s a cultural thing that took a few months to get used to. Back home religion is more “personal” from my experience. I definitely never heard a coworker up North stand up and say “God spoke to me and told me I was a prophet” followed by a fellow coworker’s “Praise Jesus!” I had to hold back my quite New England reaction of “Well if you’re truly a prophet, why are you working in a debt collection’s agency?”

I’ve lived in Virginia Beach a full year now and that’s enough to make me realize that most people in this area aren’t even from this area. It’s an area populated primarily to support the War On Terror it seems and there’s nowhere you’ll be able to go without seeing evidence of a military lifestyle. In a way the area reminds me of a letter I once received from a Malaysian pen pal I once had. She praised God and her President in the same breath. It’s that way here too. God and Bush, Bush and God. My motto can no longer be “Live Free or Die”. It has to be “Love Both Or Leave”. Forgive me for saying this, but “I’m Still Here!” And as for the family and friends I left behind when I left New Hampshire…they’re still here too. Technology is a marvelous thing and I’m able to talk to Mom on the phone every morning. My friends I keep in touch with via email and regular letters and on those rare occasions I have made it home, sure it seems impossible to gather together friends in three different states for a brief period of time on a workday when I happen to be able to swing through but you know something, it happens. Sometimes I think they were more distant when I lived next door.

The point in all of this is that even when you don’t expect or want to make a long move away from life as you’ve known it so far, that life doesn’t vanish with the packing of your car or a really expensive moving truck. You don’t lose friends or family once you hop on the turnpike. Sure you may find yourself in an area with different beliefs, values or customs then you’re used to but that doesn’t mean you should rule out the possibility that even here, in an area so remote from all you love, that you can’t make another new and good life. People are downright people. Eventually you will find friends and you will find parts of your new city that remind you of your old one. I like to go to a park nearby and sit on the grass. It reminds me of the fields near Mom’s and on a quiet day I can go back without ever having to pay a toll.

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