Tips on How to Pare Down Your Belongings

Do you ever just look around and feel a little annoyed, embarrassed or overwhelmed by how much stuff you really do have? Do you constantly say you need to get rid of some things, but then you never do? Maybe you just don’t know where to begin, or perhaps you are too emotionally attached to certain things. Of course, if you are like most others, you are probably holding onto some items for that special occasion. Are you really even going to use them? A good purge feels amazing; sometimes you just need a little motivation getting started.

Assess Your Needs

Throughout the process you should continuously ask yourself if you really need something. What are you holding onto it for? Have you used it in the past 6 to 12 months? If your home is cramped, evaluate your furniture. Does anyone even sit at that large dining room table, or would a small two-seat bistro set be more appropriate? Do you need that extra chair in the living room, or is it there just because it matches, or you’ve had it forever? Read More

How to Choose the Right Hangers for Your Closets

Is your closet a mess? Do your clothes fall off the hangers, or is everything more wrinkled than it should be? Do you have indentations left from hangers on the shoulders of some of your clothes? Well, contrary to what you may think, you should not be using one universal hanger for everything in your closet. The reason why there are so many different types of hangers is because they all serve a specific purpose. Use the right hangers for the right clothes, and you will find your closet to be a much more pleasant place.

Every Hanger Serves a Purpose

The right thing you need to do is evaluate the items in your closet. If you are purchasing all new hangers, have a good idea of how many shirts, suits, skirts, jackets, etc., that you have, so you can buy the right amount of each. Read More

How to Pick the Best Storage Facility

Although it is extremely important to spend a little time comparing movers to make sure that you hire the right one, it is equally as important to research the storage facility that you intend on using. After all, you are trusting that the facility will protect your belongings against damage from environmental elements, and also that the employees can be trusted to not tamper with, or steal your stuff. It is highly unlikely that you will be penciling in a trip to the storage facility daily to check on things, so if something does come up missing, it will be nearly impossible to point the blame at someone or prosecute. Read More

How Long to Keep Paper Records?

From grocery receipts to tax documents, filing cabinets fill quickly with the documents of people’s lives. If you’re in the process of packing and moving from one living location to another, the paper documents you’ve saved may seem like more of a nuisance than ever. While you may be tempted to throw out the records and simplify your upcoming moving process, don’t move too fast.

Certain paper records often must be saved for several years to avoid problems with the IRS and other complications. The following are guidelines for saving paper records to help you make the best decisions during your moving process.

Typical Saving Timelines

The most important paper records that you should focus on saving and keeping organized are your tax records. In fact, experts recommend that the actual tax records should be kept indefinitely but the supporting documents such as receipts can be discarded after three years. Read More

Selecting the Perfect Storage Unit

If you’re moving and are in the need for some help with the packing, storage and moving of your belongings, I’d advice you to hire a moving and storage company right away. Whether you’re moving into a well furnished apartment, an unfurnished one or are renovating and need some self storage space for your belongings, you will need to select the perfect storage unit to suit your needs.

Now, to begin with, what is a storage unit? A storage unit is a storage entity or a container-like thing that a moving and storage company will offer you if you wish to store away your belongings somewhere safe. Depending on the things you need to store, you can have as many storage units. Storage units are generally temporary storage elements which you can use for specific periods of time. There are many reasons why one may want to store away belongings. For instance, you might be renovating your apartment and need some place safe to keep your things secure. You may have to look for some place to keep some of your old furniture or things that you are not using for the time being. That is when you’ll need storage units, and the best way of going about getting them is by hiring the services of a moving and storage company to get the perfect storage units to secure your belongings.

Selecting a Storage Unit
Moving and storage companies offer safe, dry and clean storage units to customers. However, as a customer, it will be your duty to make sure that you explore all your options before selecting the perfect storage units. The most important thing is for you to know exactly what you’re looking for. First of all, you’ll need to know what you’re looking for in a storage unit solution provider. Look through as many options in order to find the best provider. Read More

Moving? Websites to Sell Stuff

If you’re moving an office or a home, you’ve got a great opportunity to clear out the junk that we all accumulate over time and maybe make a little money by selling off items that you really don’t use. After all, there is no point paying long distance movers to carry things you don’t need or want in your new place, and getting rid of a few things can make your next living space seem bigger, airier, and more spacious. Some extra money never hurts either- moving into a new home can be an expensive affair.

Traditionally, the best way to have a clear out was to host a garage sale. A big family could expect to shift a lot of goods in a single day, but garage sale prices were always low because of the limited audience. If it wasn’t a bargain, most garage sale browsers weren’t interested. More expensive items could be sold through the local newspaper classified section or by sticking a note in the corner store window.

Happily times have changed. The internet has revolutionized the way we buy and sell both new and second hand goods. The best services (and there are plenty of them) are free and they reach a huge number of potential buyers. Specialists looking for something very specific can find it very easily, and that means it’s easy to get the best prices for niche-market items and clear almost anything out of your home before the packers and movers arrive. Read More

Top 9 Storage Tips

Over the years we’ve collected a lot of know-how from the professional packers we hire and intelligent new York clients. Here are a handful of our top storage & moving tips:

-Always pack boxes so that they’re full. That way you not only use space as efficiently as possible and minimise the number of boxes to be carried and stored, you also shore-up the box from the inside and prevent it from collapsing when other boxes are piled on top.

-Don’t leave paint, oil, or gas in a storage unit. If a professional company is storing or moving flammable products for you, make sure they know about it and can take appropriate precautions against fire and spillage.

-If there is a mattress moving to storage, make sure it ends up lying flat on a horizontal surface. Otherwise they can end up permanently deformed, saggy, and uncomfortable. Mattresses also soak up dust so make sure yours stays covered with a plastic sheet. Read More

When to Move Stuff to Storage

Most people think of moving to storage as a solution for space problems, but too much stuff in too small a home is just one reason you might want to place a few things in storage. Of course, it’s a very good reason- nobody likes living in a cluttered environment.

When moving an office or a home, we tend to get rid of a lot of things. Some papers are thrown away or recycled, some clothes we don’t wear get given to Goodwill or another charity, and sometimes larger items are sold or gifted to friends and family members. Moving provides the perfect opportunity to reduce clutter and start with a clean slate, but over time we all buy new things or get given more items, and if you’ve lived in a house or an apartment for a few years now and have no plans to move, it might be time to have another clear-out.

If it turns out that you have things that aren’t in regular use but are still precious or worth keeping for sentimental reasons, think about arranging storage for those items outside your home. Sometimes just moving an unused table or a set of drawers out can make a room seem bigger, lighter, and more open, so if you’re feeling like a change but don’t want to move house, try just transferring a few things to storage instead.

Moving to storage doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. Sometimes all you need is a little extra space for a month or even just a few weeks. Got a few relatives staying over the holiday period and need to make room? Take a load of boxes to a storage unit and keep them there until your guests go home. It’s a quick and simple way of making more space in any home. Read More

Choosing a Storage Unit Size

Deciding on a storage unit size can be tricky, because you’ll probably have to arrange a space before boxing up all your stuff and shipping it to the storage location. Estimating just how much volume you’ll need can be quite difficult. Of course, you can always err on the side of caution and order a bigger unit than you think you’ll really want but more space costs more money. If you can do it, estimating fairly precisely will cut down on costs.

First of all, make an inventory of all the stuff that needs moving to storage. It’s always a good idea anyway, because sooner or later having a list of everything in your storage unit will come in handy. You might not remember whether or not you put something in there or you may have to decide what needs to be shipped to a new home in the future. It’ll also help you make sure all the boxes and packages arrive safely at the unit. Read More

Organizing Your Home – Garage vs. Basement

If you’re currently doing your spring cleaning, going through a general de-cluttering process, or planning a move, then you’re no doubt faced with a mountain of stuff that needs to be put into NYC storage. For people who are fortunate enough to have both basements and garages, it is sometimes difficult to determine what should go where. Garages can be colder and dustier while basements can be damp and musty, so it is important to think before you store.  Nothing beats a climate-controlled unit, but if you choose to store items at home, here are a few recommendations.

Basement: Seasonal items such as holiday decorations, Christmas decorations, garden furniture, camping equipment, garden games and outdoor lights; sporting equipment such as skis, tennis rackets, soccer gear, balls, baseball bats, fishing and hunting gear; kitchen bits and bobs such as glass wares, dishes and all other similar items – all of these are suitable for storage in the basement. Read More