Don’t Move With These “Sneaky” Liquids

Liquids can cause serious problems when you’re moving an office or a home. Just imagine the devastation half a gallon of water could cause if it was spilt in the back of a mover’s truck on a long trip. Artworks could be ruined, documents soaked, fabrics stained, and wooden furniture irreparably discolored, swollen, and even spilt- the combination of dampness and heat is always a killer and trucks do get very hot.

So, where do these liquids hide out? A bottle of water is easy to spot and remove from the storage & moving pile, but there are other less obvious fluids to watch out for.

The number one source of troublesome fluids is batteries. Small AAA to D cells aren’t a problem unless they get broken or crushed, but many bigger batteries often contain liquid sulfuric acid. If they get bumped or tipped over, that acid can get spilt. At best it will stain and at worst, battery acid can cause burns. It’s also poisonous.

If you are packing spare boat, car, or motorcycle batteries, make sure they’re inside a well-sealed plastic tub. Big batteries should also be kept in an upright position at all times. Pad the inside of the box with balls of old newspaper and label it clearly.

All bathrooms contain wet items most of the time. The last thing you want when moving is a pile of wet sponges, damp towels, and a soaked bath mat so as soon as you’ve completed your morning shower routine, make sure all sponges are wrung out and all towels, shower curtains, and bath mats are spread out to dry. Read More