8 Summertime Moving Tips

When it’s hot outside, there are some extra things to consider when moving an office or a home. In most cases the heat is easier to deal with than winter snow and sleet, but here are a few tips to make sure a summer move goes smoothly:

-Open up doors and windows or turn on the air conditioning before long distance movers arrive. Carting all your boxes outside is going to be hot work, so giving them a cool indoor environment to work in will make the task much less strenuous.

-Having a disposable jug full of cold water in the refrigerator (if it’s not coming with you) is also great. A modern one will keep things cold long after it has been turned off, so you don’t have to delay that, and staying hydrated in the heat is very important. If the refrigerator is coming with you, just add plenty of ice to the jug and leave it on the counter with some paper or plastic cups. The packers and movers will thank you, and you might enjoy a cool drink yourself! Read More